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Nightsafe’s volunteer mentor programme

Nightsafe’s volunteer mentor programme, Safelinks, started in 2015 and is supported by the National Lottery Reaching Communities fund.

This funding allows Nightsafe to recruit, train, supervise, develop and utilise volunteers in a variety of ways across all projects.

Volunteers truly enhance the services that Nightsafe is able to offer the young people who access us. For example, when we have a vulnerable young person stay with us who is asked to attend a job centre appointment to apply for benefits, the young person can be scared and sometimes intimidated to attend the appointment alone, this is when volunteer mentors go with them and advocate on their behalf.

This practical support is invaluable to ensure that the correct information is being given on both sides and any jargon is interpreted and information is given to the young person in an easy to understand way.

Nightsafe volunteers also champion the young people we work with and help them to stand up to services who in the past haven’t always been welcoming or helpful, to ensure they get the support and services they require and that their voices are heard.

International Volunteers

Nightsafe continues to utilise a team of six full time international volunteers who staff our emergency Night Shelter and Witton project.

These volunteers come from all over the world and stay with us for up to 12 months to learn new skills, practise their English speaking and travel around Europe on their holidays. Active volunteering increases skills, knowledge, confidence and networks and they all bring different skills and experiences to the team. The hardest part of having them is having to say goodbye when they leave as they make such a difference to our projects and our full staff team.

Volunteering is truly a two-way street and volunteers are always saying how much they get from their time with Nightsafe.

To get involved call 01254 503067 or drop us a message via our Contact Form

Hear from a Volunteer

What is it like to be a Volunteer?

“I volunteered for Nightsafe after chatting with a lady whilst swimming, as she is a volunteer mentor also. She explained about the work done here and that volunteers were always welcome. I had been looking for something to do to give back to the community and had considered several projects. After hearing the plight of so many young people, I realised that as a retired hairdressing lecturer, I had a skill which could prove of great benefit to the confidence and appearance of these young people. I have not been proved wrong! I have now become part of the furniture, so to speak, and I am absolutely positive that I experience far greater reward than I ever thought possible. I would encourage anyone who has any time to spare to volunteer in any capacity, it’s truly its own reward!”

Nightsafe Volunteer

Some Great Insights From Our Nightsafe Volunteers

Some Amazing Stories From Young People We Have Helped

Zac's Story

Zac’s Story

Zac, 19, was supported by Nightsafe and Platform 5 during his education.

Jack's Story

Jack’s Story

Jack, 17, had been sofa surfing for 8 months after a family breakdown.

Amy's Story

Amy’s Story

Amy, 20, has accessed Nightsafe’s services since she came in to Platform 5.

Molly's Story

Molly’s Story

Molly, 19, was referred to the Night Shelter at Nightsafe for support with life skills.

Jenny's Story

Jenny’s Story

Jenny, 16, self-referred into the Night Shelter after sofa surfing for several months.

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