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1996 The Fuse Box


The Fusebox, in the former town electricity works where Blackburn Youth Zone is, was established in 1996 providing a space where young people could wash, shower, access food, learn life skills, have fun doing arts craft and music and progress into settled accommodation. The shelter provided short term overnight accommodation where young people supported by Nightsafe staff and volunteers from overseas would have the space to assess their situation and plan their future.

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1992 – Witton Project


In December 1992, Nightsafe opened The Witton Project, its second project as a response to the number of very young people presenting as homeless. The large terraced house close to Witton Park supports young people aged 16-18 who have to agree to be involved in meaningful activity such as training, education, volunteering or employment. Each young person has their own individual support plan tailored to their own need. There is also capacity to outreach four young people in their own accommodation.

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1990 onwards – Working together in Blackburn


Many strong partnership links were formed in the early days of Nightsafe – many of which are still active today. Over the years, our young people have benefited from the work we have done with local authorities, housing providers, careers and guidance services, a range of statutory and voluntary youth services, received input from health services including counselling and sexual health services, and worked with local artists from across a full range of creative disciplines.

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1990 – Bridge Street Night Shelter


The shelter opened its first night shelter in December 1990 in a small terrace house on Bridge Street, Blackburn. This was refurbished by Richard Ashworth and provided emergency accommodation for four young people and two staff per night, initially for four nights at a time. This time frame grew over the years to nine nights to provide time to assist the young people to move on to more permanent accommodation and support. This facility started our long-standing relationship with Community Service Volunteers from all over the world who staffed the shelter 365 days a year and provided support to the young [...]

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1990 – The Nightsafe Story


The Nightsafe story began in Blackburn 30 years ago in 1987 when the plight of young people who were sleeping on the streets, sofa surfing was identified by a group of committed youth workers and local politicians. In the early spring of 1987, a meeting of the District Youth Committee was held at Fuse Box, Jubilee St. As Edna Arnold, John Mason and Julian Dunn parked and walked down George St, three young people were in the skip beneath the loading bay of the carpet shop on Darwen St. It was clear they were sleeping there. The group raised the issue [...]

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