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Jack’s Story

Jack, 17, had been sofa surfing for 8 months after a family breakdown.

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Jack’s Story

After sofa surfing between mate’s houses for 8 months, I was referred to Nightsafe’s night shelter by child services.

At the Night Shelter, I took part in an initial assessment with a Children in Need funded LEAP worker . It became clear that the areas in which I needed support were finding accommodation, opening a claim for Universal Credit, and looking into options around education and training.

A referral was submitted for the Foyer, which offers accommodation for young people who have been affected by homelessness. In the meantime, I was encouraged to submit a claim for Universal Credit.

Nightsafe Helped Me Open A Bank Account

I had struggled to open a bank account in the past as I had limited ID, but I was given support when attending my Credit Union appointment and was then able to open an account with a high street bank. The importance of education was explained to me, and I discussed accessing New Directions for career advice.

Jack's Story

I had struggled to open a bank account in the past, but I was given support and was then able to open an account with a high street bank.

While staying at the Night Shelter, I also visited the Platform 5 drop in centre during the day. I took part in a number of activities, including playing for the football team and attending the gym. I also took part in a cookery session and gained an AQA in Italian food.

Emergency Accommodation When I Needed It Most

Due to circumstances out of my control, my housing appointments were delayed. During this time, my NINE nights at the Night Shelter were due to end. However, due to my close links with Breathing Space, I was offered space in the respite bed at the Witton Project until my Foyer interview. At my Foyer interview, I was given additional support by LEAP, and this resulted in me being offered a place.

I have now moved into the Foyer and have been able to access support around Universal Credit and my bank account.
Thanks to Nightsafe and my social worker, I now have somewhere safe to stay and have support moving forward.

** Images shown are not of actual person to protect their identity.

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